Learn Chinese Pinyin

Level: Beginner

Visually pleasing design for beginner pinyin learners.  Kids can start with hear proper tonal pronunciation of vowels and consonant sounds.  Play listening games, finger trace words, and collect stickers as they graduate to each level.


Level: Advanced

A common difficulty we see with kids learning Chinese characters is remembering the organization of strokes--Chinese not being alphabetic.  Memrise has an excellent concept: use the pictorial basis of Chinese characters to help students visualize words and create a connection between how characters look and what they mean.


Level: All

Bitsboard is not specific to learning Mandarin but is a creative tool that allows you to create your own vocabulary collection and play games like Bingo, Memory, Word Chunks.  A very helpful app for students who are taking Mandarin in a classroom and want a fun way to digest their own curriculum.